India: Mother kills her daughters believing they will come back to life

Sai Divya (left) and Alekhya (right)

In a horrifying incident, a mother bludgeoned her two daughters in their 20s allegedly at the advice of a tantric priest or black magician. Their father watched the grisly act in silence.

Police reached the scene of the incident after a tip off. The police identified the victims as 27-year-old Alekhya and 22-year-old Sai Divya. Police said after the double murder, the girls’ father informed his colleague over phone about the incident, who in turn alerted the police.

Religious rituals

Police have taken both parents into custody and recovered a trident and a dumbbell used to kill the two girls.

Police officials said they would send the parents for medical examination to ascertain their mental condition. While the mother, V. Padmaja, a gold medalist in MSC (mathematics) works as principal and correspondent at Masterminds IIT Talent School, the father, V. Purushottam Naidu, is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at Women’s Government Degree College at Madanapalle, police said.

The battered and bloodied bodies of the two girls lying in a pool of blood were moved to the government hospital at Madanapalle. Police found several tell-tale marks of religious rituals in the house suggesting that the double murder was related to some superstitious beliefs. The heads of the girls were half tonsured and there were marks of vermillion on them. There were small silver pots in their mouths. Police say the two girls were naked when they were killed but were later draped in red sarees.

‘Girls will be reborn’

When the police rushed to the house, the parents resisted them and opposed removing the bodies saying that the “girls will come back by morning”. “The Atmas (souls) left and they were supposed to come back. But they did not. I have lost my daughters,” a hysterical Padmaja told the police later. Police officials described the condition of the mother as “delusional”.

While Padmaja insisted they she did the act on her own and nobody had advised her to do so, police were trying to find the people who visited the house for rituals over the past few days. Police believe that some one brainwashed the parents that their daughters will be reborn in “Satyug” (era of truth).

The police are also going through the social media handles of both the girls to understand what happened to them.

Via Gulf News

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